Take a Defensive Driving Course in Delaware

If you have a Delaware driver’s license, then you should have a good understanding of driving techniques, safety protocols and the rules of the road. Unfortunately, many drivers find themselves making mistakes, not paying close enough attention, driving while fatigued and so on, which can, of course, lead to crashes. In 2015 alone, 24,066 traffic crashes occurred in Delaware, which resulted in 133 people being killed and 8,058 people being injured.

With 684,731 licensed drivers in the state of Delaware, there are bound to be a variety of drivers. One of the best ways to prevent accidents, be a safe driver and maintain the best driving techniques is to stay on top of the changing laws and refresh your driving knowledgeand Delaware defensive driving courses are able to assist with that.

Best of all, if you complete a Delaware Defensive Driving Course, you can lower the cost of your car insurance payments, add points credit to your driving record and improve your driving knowledge, which in turn will help you become a safer, more informed driver. To learn more about the course and the importance of defensive driving, keep reading.

What Is Defensive Driving in Delaware?

Although the term differs from state to state, defensive driving is recognized by the DMV as a safe style of driving. A defensive driver is a cautious driver.

Defensive Driving Techniques:

  • Expecting the unexpected and paying close attention to other drivers on the road
  • Controlling your speed and knowing when to slow down or speed up
  • Avoiding distracted driving, such as texting, talking on the phone, and so forth
  • Maintaining a safe following distance from the driver in front of you
  • Knowing how to drive—and driving slower—in specific weather conditions
  • Respecting other drivers

The goal of learning defensive driving techniques is to prevent or limit the amount of aggressive driving that occurs in the state of Delaware. It is a high-risk habit that can lead to car crashes and draw penalties. Not sure what aggressive driving entails?

The following are aggressive driving offenses that the defensive driving program aims to prevent:

  • Passing on the shoulder
  • Failure to yield
  • Disregard of traffic control devices
  • Failure to stop for the command of a police officer
  • Following too closely to the vehicle ahead of you
  • Speeding

If you receive three or more of these violations in the state of Delaware, you are considered an aggressive driver. Offenders are then punished by the statewhich includes points being added to their licensesand are then required to complete a behavioral modification attitudinal driving course within 90 days of the conviction and pay a fee. Failure to attend the course may result in suspension of the individual’s driving privilege.

After completing this course, an aggressive driver may want a point reduction. The more points, the more fines you will likely be paying. Also, if you receive a certain number of points, your license can be suspended or revoked. To reduce the number of points on your license and prevent a license suspension, you can take our Delaware Defensive Driving Course.

The decision to lower your points, ultimately, lies with the Delaware DMV, but these are state-approved defensive driving courses that offer drivers the opportunity to change the points on their licenses.

Is the Delaware Defensive Driving Course Ever Mandatory?

When you receive traffic convictions, the Delaware DMV will add points to your driving record. Some traffic convictions that are included in the state of Delaware:

  • Disregarding a stop sign, which is three points
  • Speeding 10 to 14 miles per hour over the limit, which is four points
  • Speeding 15 miles per hour or more over the limit, which is five points
  • Reckless driving, which is six points
  • Aggressive driving (as mentioned earlier), which is six points

If you accumulate too many points, there will be consequences. More specifically:

  • If you accumulate 12 points on your driver’s license, then you will be required to complete a driver improvement course.
  • If you accumulate 14 points on your driver’s license, your license will be suspended for four months and it may be too late to enroll in a course. You will have to wait until the suspension period ends to be eligible for license reinstatement.

Our Delaware Defensive Driving Courses

Through our website, you will find two different defensive driving courses in Delaware: the Delaware Defensive Driving Course and the Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course. Both are quick, accessible and easy-to-follow courses.

As an industry leader in online driver’s education, we guarantee that both courses are:


No matter your schedule, you can login and logout at any time.


To ensure that these course meets customer needs, they are offered at an affordable price.


The course is set up so you can understand the information and successfully complete the course requirements.


If you have questions reading the information or if you are having technical difficulties, customer support is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


The course is approved by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Available to All

No matter your age or driving status in Delaware, you can sign up and benefit from these courses.

100% Online

Avoid in-class driving schools and complete this course from the comfort of your own home—or wherever you are.

Financially Beneficial

By taking these courses, you can, ultimately, save money on insurance premiums.


You can access the course from any device

Automatic Reporting

The Delaware DMV will be notified when you complete the course.

Learn More about Our Delaware Driving Courses

The Delaware DMV has not only reviewed these courses, but approved them. Not sure which course is best for you? Here are the differences between the two Delaware defensive driving courses, what differentiates them and how they can benefit you:

Delaware Defensive Driving Course

If you have never taken a defensive driving course in the state of Delaware, this is the one you should take. After you sign up for this course, you may be eligible for several advantages. 

Benefits of Taking Defensive Driving in Delaware:

  • 10% reduction in your car insurance premiums for three years following your completion of the course
  • 15% reduction upon your course renewal—and you can renew the course every three years—upon completion of the course
  • The potential for a three-point credit, determined by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (note: this decision is at the discretion of the Delaware DMV and not guaranteed)

Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course

This online course is a follow up to the Delaware Defensive Driving Course and is available to those who have already completed the first course and are simply renewing it three years later. If you take this course, you can:

  • Renew and increase your state-mandated 15% insurance discount for an additional three years, upon completion of the course
  • Earn a three-point credit, based on the discretion of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

If you receive the reduction in your liability insurance payments, this will count toward each vehicle that you own, including motor vehicles, motor homes and motorcycles, so long as all operators on the policy have completed the course.

If fewer than all operators on the insurance plan completes the course, then the discount will be a fraction of 10%. That fraction is calculated based on the number of operators who have completed the course divided by the total number of operators.

Perks of Online Learning

Although you can take these Delaware defensive driving classes in an in-person classroom or driving school, online learning has many perks. Not only do you get to access the material 24 hours per day, seven days per week, but you can stop and start the course as needed which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Best of all, you can replay sections or pause them so you don’t miss anything. With unlimited customer support, there’s no reason to commute to a school when you can take these classes online.

Delaware Defensive Driving Online Course Details

Both courses are broken down into sections in order to provide the best information possible.

Topics Covered in Delaware Defensive Driving:

  • Intro that includes information on navigation, objectives of the course and how long the course takes
  • Traffic Safety and the problems that can arise while driving, including societal and personal impact, as well as road rage, speeding and so forth
  • The impact of human factors such as stress, distracted driving, fatigue and so forth
  • How drugs and alcohol affect driving abilities, as well as state laws, Zero Tolerance and DUI penalties
  • What occurs in a crash and the effects of speeding
  • The importance of safety equipment and maintaining proper car maintenance, which includes safety belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc.
  • Techniques for preventing car crashes, which includes scanning, changing lanes, passing, sharing the road and the differences between rural and city driving
  • Delaware traffic laws such as the state’s requirements for licenses, as well as laws regarding traffic signals, aggressive driving, the point system and speed violations

These courses are designed to educate Delaware drivers on the importance of safe driving techniques and reduce the number of crashes that occur in the state each year. To complete the course, you must get through every section and pass the final exam.

Length of the Courses

Although the Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course is, of course, three hours, the Delaware Defensive Driving Course is six hours in length which is state-required. If an insured driver completes the Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course within 180 days prior to the three-year expiration date of taking the initial course then they will receive the 15% discount when the renewal date occurs.

If five years lapse from the day you completed the first Delaware Defensive Driving Course before you take the Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course, you will have to take the first course again.

Contact Customer Support

If you have questions or need assistance, experts are available at all times. You can call 1-800-393-1063, email support@amersc.com or use the “Live Chat” feature at the top right corner of the website.

Register for the Delaware Defensive Driving Courses

You can register for the Delaware Defensive Driving Course here, and you can register for the Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course here.

Upon Completion of the Delaware Defensive Driving Course

Once you finish the course, you will be able to download your certificate immediately. It is then sent by the American Safety Council to the Delaware DMV for review. If you have satisfactorily completed the course, you will likely receive your three-point credit, but this decision may vary case by case.

To receive your car insurance discount, however, you must submit a copy of the certificate to your state motor vehicle agency and your auto insurance provider. Make sure you submit just a copy and keep the original for your records.

In terms of your insurance reduction, if you pass the course, you will receive a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount, and it will be applied to the total premiums for bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and personal injury protection coverage on your automobiles, motor homes or motorcycles. If you want to learn more about the discount, visit the Delaware Department of Insurance website.

If you drive for work and you simply want to impress or please your employer, you can present this course certificate or include it on your list of qualifications.


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