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Florida Defensive Driving Course

Florida Defensive Driving Course Overview

Florida defensive driving school helps people meet requirements that have been imposed on them by the state of Florida. People also take defensive driving courses to be proactive and improve their driving skills. Taking the course and exam through American Safety Council® is easy and affordable and allows you to save money, reduce traffic penalties and meet state-approved requirements. Whether you were mandated by the court or are taking a proactive approach to automotive safety, there’s no downside to completing a Florida defensive driving course.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket and wish to prevent points from accumulating on your driving record, taking a Basic Driving Improvement (BDI) course will help you save money or keep traffic penalties at bay.

What Can This Course Do for Me?

You may need to take a defensive driving course to keep your driver’s license and maintain your driving privileges. Completion of the course can help you with the following:

  • Save money on your auto insurance payments
  • Maintain a satisfactory driving record with the state of Florida
  • Keep points off your driver’s license
  • Fulfill any court orders

Who Can Take the Course?

Defensive driving education can be taken by any licensed driver in Florida, including those who don’t live in Florida but have been ordered to take the course by a court. Here are some other requirements you must meet before enrolling in a defensive driving course:

  • Not having completed a course during the previous year
  • Possession of a decent driving record that allows for premium reductions
  • An eligible moving violation that is allowed by the state of Florida

By completing a BDI course, you’ll be able to save money and stay on the road.

How the Florida Defensive Driving Course Works

Basic Driving Improvement is available 100% online, meaning you can take the exam anywhere, at any time and on any device. You can work on the course at your own speed from the comfort of your own home.

Taking the BDI course from American Safety Council is not only conveniently available online and comes with 24/7 customer support, but it is also:

  • Approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • Affordable
  • Available in Spanish

Follow these steps to reach your goals:

Complete the Defensive Driving Course

The course, which lasts four hours, covers best safety practices. The course offers short chapters that are easy to understand and can be taken immediately after registering online.

Pass the BDI Final Exam

To pass the multiple choice exam, you must score 80% or better. You get three attempts to pass the final exam before officially failing. After failing the quiz three times, you must reregister for the course at no additional charge. By purchasing a simple upgrade, you can get unlimited exam retakes.

Free DMV Completion Notification

Once you pass the BDI exam, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles is electronically notified at no cost to you.

Florida BDI Certificate

Once the DMV is notified, a certificate of completion is filed if one is required by the court. You must present the certificate to the court on or before your court date.

When you’re done and everything is submitted, you can check your driving record to ensure all of the documents were received and accurately applied. In many cases, you won’t be able to remove the violation from your driving record completely, but the driving course does provide a credit or point reduction to your record.

What’s at Stake?

No matter the county you live in, a traffic citation in Florida can cost hundreds of dollars. Add on top of that increases in your auto insurance payments and points on your driver’s license. Attending a Florida defensive driving school will allow you to block those points, save money and stay on the road.

Here’s what’s at stake if you decide against spending four hours taking a state-approved course:

Traffic Fines and Penalties

In Florida, traffic fines vary depending on which county you received the citation. The severity of the violation determines the cost of the ticket, and you may also need to pay surcharges. If you accumulate many points on your record within a 12-month period, the state may impose further penalties, such as suspending your license.

Removing License Points

Completing a BDI course may help you to reduce or eliminate points from your driving record. Keeping points off your license can prevent your car insurance rate from increasing. In Florida, you must notify the court you are pursuing this option within 30 days of receiving the traffic ticket.

Other Considerations for Florida Drivers

Here are some other common topics about violations and whether or not they relate to completing a defensive driving course:

Driving Under the Influence

Defensive driving does not soften the penalties handed out by DWI or DUI convictions. In Florida, under-the-influence offenders must attend a 12-hour school. Other penalties may include:

  • Fine varying from $500–$1,000
  • Community service
  • Probation and possibly imprisonment
  • License suspension/revocation

Parking Tickets

Defensive driving education does not remove parking tickets or any non-moving violations.

Commercial Drivers

A defensive driving course does not apply if a driver has a violation while driving a commercial vehicle.

Taking the Right Florida Driving Course

American Safety Council has offered defensive driving education in Florida since 2000 and offers courses in all 50 of the United States. Here are quick descriptions of the safe driving programs offered nationwide by American Safety Council:

Defensive Driving

This course is for students who were issued a traffic ticket or were ordered to participate by a court of law.

Insurance Reduction Courses

Florida drivers can save money on insurance rates by passing this course. This is particularly useful for drivers 55 years or older because passing this course freezes an insurance rate for three years.

Suspended License Courses

If you have had your driver’s license revoked or suspended, taking this course can help you have your license reinstated.

First-Time Driver (Driver’s Education)

This course teaches students everything needed to earn a Florida driver’s license. New drivers can earn a learner’s permit and learn the basics of defensive driving. Taking this course has been proven to reduce the risk of automobile crashes by first-time drivers.

One Click to Register for the Florida Defensive Driving Course

Since creating the first state-approved online traffic school, American Safety Council has stood at the forefront of interactive delivery of driver education.

Taking a Florida defensive driving course through American Safety Council can save you money, fulfill your legal obligations as a motorist in good standing and improve your driving skills. For one low cost, you can register for the four-hour course and keep your foot on the gas.

What Is a Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving courses are designed to enhance your driving skills or to meet Florida requirements to maintain a satisfactory driving record. The goal of a defensive driving course is to engrain safe habits that will prevent accidents and promote safe, timely decisions on the road.

Why Would You Need a Defensive Driving Course?

Courses are taken for proactive reasons and to satisfy requirements from the courts. Courses can result in the following benefits:

  • Reduction or removal of points on a driver’s license
  • Auto insurance premium reduction or to freeze a rate
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Traffic ticket dismissal or reduction

How Much Does a Defensive Driving Course Cost?

American Safety Council offers Florida safe driving education online for an extremely affordable cost, allowing you to take advantage of its benefits without worrying about your budget.

How Long Does a Course Take to Complete?

The course offered by American Safety Council takes four hours to complete. Upon completion, the Department of Motor Vehicles is automatically notified at no cost to you.

What are the Requirements to Be Able to Take a Course?

The basic requirements to take the safe driving course include:

  • Holding a valid non-commercial Florida driver’s license
  • Having an active auto insurance policy
  • An eligible moving violation, if applicable

Where Do I Go to Take the Course?

The course offered by American Safety Council offers the convenience of being available completely online. You can take the course at home, at your own pace and on any device. The course has 24/7 customer support and quick, digestible chapters that are easy to understand.