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Earn Your Florida Tattoo License Online

Online Course for Your Florida Tattoo License

Approximately 20% of adults aged 18 and up have at least one tattoo. The tattoo industry is growing in the United States, so it is not surprising that tattoo parlors and tattoo artists are becoming more relevant, especially in Florida, with Miami having the highest number of tattoo parlors per capita in the entire country.

If you want to become a tattoo artistor a body piercer, permanent makeup artist, microblading professional or permanent cosmetic technicianand leave your mark on Florida patrons, then you must earn your Florida Tattoo License, which requires you to take an in-depth education course.

American Safety Council® offers a reputable online course for only , approved by the state of Florida, at To learn more about the FL Online Tattoo Education Course, what the course entails and what the Florida laws are regarding tattoos and tattoo licensing, read on.

Laws for Obtaining a Florida Tattoo License

As of January 1, 2013, as part of new license requirements, any person operating an unlicensed tattoo establishment will be subject to administrative penalties, and all tattoo artists and guest tattoo artists, as well as tattoo establishments, are required by state law to have a Florida Tattoo Certification, which is managed by the Florida Department of Health (FDOH). In this new law, the state requires you to take an education course, which is also referred to as a Bloodborne Pathogen & Communicable Disease Course.

The new licensure requirement is outlined by Chapter 64E-28 of the Florida Statutes on Tattooing, which includes information on required standards, optional standards, definitions, as well as the license education requirements. The Florida legislature is meant to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by preventing the spread of infectious diseases and to regulate body-piercing salons. You can read more about the Florida statutes on tattooing here, but every aspiring tattoo artist should know that if the equipment used to create a tattoo is contaminated with infected blood, the person obtaining the tattoo can contract various blood-borne diseases.

Becoming a FL Licensed Tattoo Artist

To fulfill license requirements, each tattoo artist in the state of Florida must be able to do the following, as decided by the FDOH:

  • Be at least 18 years old to apply for the license
  • Successfully complete a FDOH-approved bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases course, such as our approved online tattoo course
  • Show proof of completion, even if you are licensed in another state. If that is the case, you must register with the FDOH and make sure your out-of-state license is applicable and accepted, even if the work is temporary (e.g., guest tattoo artist)
  • Provide a copy of a government-issued photo ID
  • Pay the application fee (if your license expires, you must pay a reactivation fee)

The following people must obtain a Florida Tattoo License:

  • Anybody who tattoos the body of another person
  • Anybody who practices cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup, microblading or micropigmentation
  • Students or apprentices who tattoo other people as part of their tattoo training
  • Tattoo or permanent makeup artist licensed outside of Florida who wishes to tattoo in Florida

Risks Associated with Tattoos

Tattoos are serious, and it is important for anybody tattooing, whether it is a tattoo artist, a permanent cosmetic technician or a body piercer to understand that tattooing can lead to the following complications:

  • Allergic reactions (for example, an immediate itchy rash can occur)
  • Skin infections
  • Skin problems
  • Blood-borne diseases (included in the Florida Tattoo License Education Course)
  • MRI complications (tattoo pigments can interfere with the quality of the MRI image)

Although many of these complications are rare, if you are tattooing, you should be aware of them. You can learn more about the medical and health risks here.

Our Florida Tattoo License Online Course

American Safety Council’s online education course focuses on blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases and is a state-approved course that includes all of the following topics mandated by the state:

  • Definitions associated with tattooing, diseases and so forth
  • Methods used to control occupational exposure
  • Medical evaluation and post-exposure follow-up procedures, which includes specifics on keeping the tattoo clean and making sure the tattoo heals correctly
  • Health information on 13 communicable diseases, such as tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, which a tattoo artist might come into contact with. For each communicable disease, you will learn:
    • Identification of the disease and the infectious agent
    • Modes of Transmission
    • Incubation period
    • Period of communicability
    • Universal precautions used to prevent contraction and transmission using real-world examples in a tattoo setting
  • The entire Chapter 64E-28, which outlines the Florida Statutes on Tattooing

Reasons for Taking Our Florida Tattoo Certification Course

Taking an online education course has its benefits, especially when it comes to learning and mastering the content. With an online course, you can access the material 24 hours per day, seven days per week, which means you can take notes, study the content and ask questions whenever you have them. You can also pace yourself as needed and focus on the course as it fits in with your schedule.

American Safety Council is a top provider of continuing education. When you register for the Florida Online Tattoo License Education Course, we guarantee:


The course is accessible on any laptop, PC, mobile phone or device so long as you are connected to the internet.

Approval by FDOH

It is also approved by the Florida Department on Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases.

Customer Support, 24/7

Experts are available at all times.


For only , you can get your license and start making a living.

100% Online Content

Avoid in-person classes and complete this course from anywhere.


When you login and logout, your information is saved so you view the material at any time.

Instant Downloadable Certificate

As soon as you finish, you can download your certificate for free.

Length of the Course

The state of Florida requires the course to be three hours in length, so the course is that length. Because it is online, instead of in-person, you can spend more time reviewing the content until you are prepared to take the final exam.  

Contacting Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding the content or if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can contact customer service experts, who are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week by calling 1-877-216-8779, emailing or using the “Live Chat” button at the top right corner of the website.

Completing the Florida Tattoo License Education Course

To successfully complete the course and become a tattoo artist, the following is required:

  • A final exam, which consists of 40 multiple choice questions which is included at the end of the course
  • A passing score of 70% or higher on the final exam

Here is what you should know about the final exam:

  • The final exam will ask you questions on the material that was covered throughout the course, so if you have thoroughly read through and reviewed the material, you should have no problem passing.
  • There is no time requirement, so you can take your time answering each question.
  • You have three attempts to pass the final exam.
  • When you pass, you will be able to download an immediate copy of the certificate.

The certificate is a necessary component of your application for tattoo artist licensure, and to show proof of completion of the education, it must be presented to your local coordinator at your local county health department. Find the one nearest to you here.

Register for Our Florida Tattoo License Online Course

American Safety Council ensures that the registration process is secure, easy and mobile-friendly. Visit the FL Online Tattoo License Education Course registration page and get started today. All you have to do is fill out your information, choose your login details and pay. You can start the education course immediately.

What are the steps to obtaining a guest tattoo artist license in Florida, and how long does it last?

Any tattoo artist who wishes to tattoo in Florida and already holds an out-of-state license, registration or certification from a jurisdiction outside of Florida must complete the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete the Application for Guest Tattoo Artist Registration, which includes the name of the licensed tattoo establishment where you will be tattooing
  • Pay the $35 fee
  • Provide a copy of a government-issued photo ID
  • Provide proof of active license registration or certification
  • Provide certificate showing your successful completion of a tattoo education course or a DOH-approved blood-borne pathogen and communicable disease substitute course

Once these requirements are completed, you can perform tattooing in Florida for up to 14 consecutive days. If you are unable to successfully complete the requirements, then you must apply for a Florida Tattoo License in order to be a guest tattoo artist in the state.

How do you obtain a tattoo establishment license?

To obtain a license for a tattoo establishment, you must complete the following requirements, which are determined by the FDOH:

  • Complete an application for the Tattoo Establishment License.
  • Pay the $200 fee.
  • Pass an inspection in compliance with Florida statutes.
  • Complete the paperwork for a Biomedical Waste Permit and pay the $85 fee.
  • Submit all forms to your local coordination.

How old must a person be to receive a tattoo in the state of Florida?

To perform a tattoo on somebody, they must be at least 18 years old and have a state of federal-issued ID to prove it or you must be at least 16 years old with a parent accompanying you. If the person is a minor, their parent must complete the Tattoo Minor Consent Form, which is available from the State of Florida Department of Health.

What happens if you operate an unlicensed tattoo establishment or tattoo without a license?

If somebody practices in an unlicensed tattoo establishment, they will be subject to administrative penalties, which can lead to a fee or a license suspension. In addition, tattoo artists and guest tattoo artists cannot legally tattoo from a home or place that is unlicensed. For instance. If you get caught doing so, you risk penalties, which may include jail. They must practice tattooing at a licensed establishment in the state of Florida.

Are other certifications or licenses required to become a permanent makeup, body piercer, microblading professional and/or permanent cosmetic technician?

It depends, but yes, in addition to taking and completing the Bloodborne Pathogen & Communicable Disease Course, many of these professions or jobs require other certifications or licenses.