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If you are a bartender, server, manager, business owner or cashier and aiming to sell or serve alcohol— either on-premise, such as at a bar, restaurant or hotel, or off-premise, such as a liquor store or grocery store—then you should sign up for a BASSET Alcohol Online Training Course at American Safety Council® ensures that the courses are affordable, flexible and accessible.

Alcohol is a controlled substance and therefore it is important to know the laws surrounding it. In 2013, 31% of the fatal traffic crashes in the United States were alcohol-related and 38,822 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence in Illinois in 2014. Alcohol-related laws are very serious—and so is serving or selling it. Anybody who wishes to earn an Illinois BASSET Certificate can sign up for the On-Premise and Off-Premise BASSET Alcohol Certification Course. These training courses will inform you of Illinois’ alcohol-related laws so you can ensure the safety of patrons and prevent alcohol-related offenses from occurring.

Illinois Alcohol Server and Seller Training Programs

Each state has its own alcoholic beverage seller/server program, and each one aims to teach people in the industry about the laws regarding sale or service of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons. In addition, these programs aim to teach the following:

  • How to protect yourself and your establishment from liability
  • How to recognize minors and when to check identification
  • When to deny a sale

The laws vary by state and county, and that holds true for Illinois. Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education and Training, also known as BASSET, is Illinois’ responsible and certified training program used by trained on-premise and off-premise sellers.

Who Must Take BASSET Courses?

If you want to earn your BASSET card in Illinois, you can go to the On-Premise and Off-Premise BASSET Alcohol Certification registration page. Currently, the state of Illinois does not require a BASSET card to server or sell alcohol, but many counties and municipalities do, and the laws are currently changing.

Working in On-Premise Establishments

By July 1, 2018, all of the following people who work in on-premise liquor-licensed establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars and so forth, must successfully complete Illinois Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education & Training:

Servers of Alcoholic Beverages

This includes anyone who serves alcohol in an establishment where it is intended to be consumed. This includes bartenders, bar backs, servers and managers.


This includes anybody employed by an establishment whose job is to check the patrons’ IDs to confirm that they are of legal drinking age.

All New Hires

Anyone who falls into one of the categories above must have their certification within 120 days of being hired. However, some establishments and/or employers have more specific requirements so make sure to confirm this with your employer.

Some counties already require employees to be certified in BASSET. If you want to know which counties require the training, look at the required training dates here. If you are a server of alcoholic beverages or a bouncer, you must stay up to date with the training program and take the course every three years to maintain your certification and/or card.

BASSET certifications are based upon:

  • State law
  • The local municipality where you are doing business
  • The training company that you utilized for training

Contact your employer or county’s statues to confirm the legal requirements of serving or selling alcohol.

The state of Illinois recommends that all servers and sellers get certified. The state wants to ensure that all establishments provide a safe environment for both employees and customers. With a BASSET card, you have documentation showing that you know the course material and are capable of being a professional provider of alcohol.

Your Online Course Options

The On-Premise Course

is for anyone who is selling or serving alcohol where it is to be consumed. For example, bartenders, bar backs, servers and/or managers who work in bars, hotels, restaurants and so forth.

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The Off-Premise Course

is for anyone who is selling alcohol in sealed containers that will be consumed by the patron elsewhere—it is not intended to be consumed where it is sold. This includes cashiers, clerks, managers, and business owners of liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and so forth.

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The Combination Course

is meant for anyone who wishes to take both courses at a discount. If you take this course, you will receive a BASSET card and upon completion, are able to sell alcohol at any establishment.

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Length of the Courses

Illinois requires the on-premise course to be a minimum of four hours in length, whereas the off-premise course is required to be a minimum of three hours in length. The combination course will take a minimum of seven hours to complete.

BASSET Course Details

The on-premise and off-premise courses differ, but in both, you will learn the following:

  • Alcohol and Its PropertiesThe basics of alcohol consumption, types of alcohol and what it does to the body
  • Preventing Intoxication and Assuring Customer SafetyUnderstanding the behaviors of patrons who are on the verge of intoxication
  • Laws about Minors and AlcoholThe legal drinking age, as well as other laws surrounding age and alcohol

  • Practicing the Refusing of Sale/Service to a MinorLearning best practices for denying a sale

  • DUI PenaltiesSince DUIs are a major concern to the community, it is important for sellers to know what the laws are and the consequences of DUIs

  • When to Ask for an IDAnd learning how to make sure one is legitimate

  • Dram Shop LawsUnderstanding how these relate to Illinois specifically

Dram Shop Act

This is case law, which is applicable in 38 states, that makes a business or establishment liable to anybody who is injured by a drinker who was obviously intoxicated or on the verge of being intoxicated when they were sold alcohol at the business or establishment. Often the injury occurs off-premises, such as a DUI case.

The goal of BASSET is to encourage profitable and legal alcohol sales and service in the state of Illinois. The program teaches hospitality workers how to be responsible and ensures that they understand the following:

The program teaches hospitality workers how to be responsible and ensures that they understand the following:

  • How to engage in responsible alcohol service
  • How to recognize when a patron is overserved
  • How to properly check a patron’s ID
  • How to cut off alcohol service, if needed
  • How to prevent or stop underage drinking
  • How to prevent DUIs and alcohol-related fatalities
  • How to create safer environments for patrons and community members where alcohol is served
  • How to educate staff members, managers and owners on Illinois laws and local ordinances regarding alcohol service, which vary county by county

Taking BASSET Courses on

Although you can take in-person courses to receive your Illinois BASSET Certificate, there are many perks to taking them online through We offer the following benefits, in addition to the ability to review information at any time:

  • IL State ApprovalThese courses are approved by Illinois Liquor Control Commission (LCC) and will satisfy your employers requirements for a BASSET course completion.
  • FlexibilityLog in and log out whenever and your information will be saved.
  • Accessibility—The course is mobile-friendly and compatible with any PC or tablet so you can view the course material on any device so long as you have internet access.
  • Free BASSET CardThis card will be mailed via First Class US Mail from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission upon completion.
  • Free Instant CertificateIf you cannot wait for the certificate to be mailed, you can download a copy of it, which your employer may accept.
  • Unlimited Test RetakesYou can practice and retry until you successfully pass the final test.
  • 100% OnlineAll of the material is available online and these courses require no in-person training.
  • Support, 24/7If you have questions, you can contact customer support at any time of the day.
  • Temporary CertificateIf you need to show your successful completion, you can get an immediate download that you can share with your employer until the official copy arrives by mail.
  • Quick Reporting to the StateOnce the course is complete, American Safety Council will report your successful completion to the state.

Get Your Illinois BASSET Certificate

We make registration quick and easy and best of all, you can start your course training as early as today. Visit the On-Premise and Off-Premise BASSET Alcohol Certification registration page to register for the combination course and save moneyor sign up for one of the individual courses:

Passing the Courses

To pass the course(s), you must take a final exam. The final exam has a total of 20 questions and you must answer at least 70% correctly in order to pass. You have unlimited retakes to pass the course.

Once you complete the course and pass the final exam, you can immediately download a copy of your certificate, which may be used until you receive your official BASSET card. Upon completion, American Safety Council will submit your passing score to the Illinois LCC and the official BASSET card will be mailed to the address you provided in your registration form.

Frequently Asked Alcohol Selling/Serving Questions

Why do employers require Illinois BASSET certification?

Some employers and establishments preferor requireemployees to have BASSET cards, regardless of current IL laws, because it shows that they are more knowledgeable in the laws and regulations surrounding the serving of alcohol. Having BASSET-certified employees can also reduce the liability insurance for their establishment, so earning your certification will make you a more hirable asset.

What are the laws regarding food handler training?

The Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act was signed into law on August 27, 2013, in Illinois. It states that any food handler—an individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment, utensils or food-contact surfacesworking on a regular basis in Illinois must have food handler training. However, the following do not need to be trained in food handling:

  • Somebody who has a valid Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC)
  • An unpaid volunteer
  • Somebody handling food at a temporary event who is not a regular food handler

Is happy hour legal in Illinois?

Yes, happy hour is legal in the state of Illinois. However, legislation specifies that an establishment or business can only offer discounted drinks for up to 4 hours per day and no more than 15 hours per week.

Are there regulations regarding the selling of alcoholic beverages to customers?

Yes, bartenders, bar backs, servers, etc., must abide by the following:

  • Serve no more than two drinks to one customer at a time
  • Not sell two or more drinks for the price of one
  • Increase the price of a drink based on the volume of the same drink (For example, if you sell a 24 oz beer, you must charge twice as much for that size as a 12 oz of the same beer)

Does the alcohol seller/server have to be of legal drinking age to sell alcohol?

It depends on the location of the business or establishment, but a minor—defined as under the age of 18—is not allowed to sell or serve alcoholic liquor in the state of Illinois. Based on local jurisdictional ordinances, however, a server or seller must be at least 18 years old. In Chicago, specifically, a server or seller must be at least 21 years old to serve alcoholic beverages.

Can I deliver a liquor sale to a purchaser’s home?

If you have an off-premise or combined liquor license, then yes, you can deliver the alcohol. However, some jurisdictions don’t allow this, because you must ensure that the person accepting the product is over the age of 21. Also, you cannot accept payment on orders of alcoholic beverages at the delivery location.

Can I sell alcohol at a private event?

No, you cannot sell alcohol at a private invitation-only event unless you have a liquor license. At private events, however, alcoholic beverages may be provided to the guests at no charge. These private events include weddings, family gatherings or company parties.