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Washington State Class 12 Permit Online: Alcohol Training MAST

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Having the Mandatory Alcohol Server Training permit (MAST) to both prepare and serve alcohol is a state requirement in Washington. In order to obtain one of these permits, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has approved a training course program that can be completed online to allow you to earn your Class 12 and Class 13 Permit to serve and prepare alcohol, depending on your age.

Being able to earn your permit to prepare and serve alcohol has never been easier. As one of the nation’s leaders in policies and procedures to ensure companies function safely and efficiently, we are proud to help you earn your Washington MAST permit online.

Our course offers a money-back guarantee, the flexibility to earn your Washington State Class 12 Permit Online from the convenience of your own home and the ability to log on and off whenever you need to. With these convenient features, our MAST course allows each student to successfully earn their Washington State Class 12 Mixologist Permit online.

What is the Online MAST Course?

  • The Mandatory Alcohol Server Training, or MAST, is a course that must be taken by anyone who will be preparing, selling or serving alcohol within the state of Washington. The Mandatory Alcohol Server Training has two groups, the Class 12 and Class 13, which are designated by age group.
    • The Class 13 Permit is available for servers between the ages of 18 and 20, and allows them to sell and serve alcohol to a customer’s table.
    • The Class 12 Mixologist Permit is available to all servers over the age of 21, and allows them to prepare alcoholic beverages, manage an establishment that serves alcohol, as well as other responsibilities included in the Class 13 Permit.
  • While the differentiation for both permits is determined by age, the training for each permit does not change. For example, if an individual has a Class 13 Permit and turns 21 years old, they may request to upgrade their permit by contacting the provider that issued the permit.

The Class 12 Permits are good for five years. After the five-year life cycle of a permit, you must take another class in order to obtain a current MAST permit. If you’re unsure of the age of your permit, you may check the status of your permit in the MAST Permit Checker by entering your name, birthdate and permit number. If your permit has expired, your information will not appear.

About Our Washington State Class 12 Permit Online Training

The American Safety Council is a nationally known organization that offers traffic safety, workplace safety and continuing education for businesses and organizations under each state’s policies and procedures for training courses. All training is standardized by the highest regulators of the industry the course is provided for. Courses are offered online for ease and convenience, as well as to ensure participants have learned the information they need to perform successfully.

The Mandatory Alcohol Server Training is our online course to earn the Class 12 Permit required to serve and prepare alcohol within the state of Washington. The three-hour alcohol seller/server course provides students with all the MAST requirements in a convenient class. Our MAST course also offers 24/7 customer support, a money-back guarantee and the flexibility to log on and off the course as needed. Once the course is completed, participants will be automatically entered into Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and will have their permit mailed to them.

Overview of the Washington Alcohol Training Course

The Mandatory Alcohol Server Training is a three-hour long course that provides servers the ability to sell, prepare and serve alcoholic beverages. The test is available 100% online, and allows students of the course to log in and out as needed. Once servers have completed the course, they will be allowed to either serve or prepare alcohol for patrons under their Class 12 or Class 13 Permit.

Any server or cashier handling alcohol must take MAST. A Class 12 Permit allows servers 21 and over to serve and prepare alcohol, manage an establishment that serves alcohol and conduct alcohol tastings. A Class 13 Permit allows servers to take alcohol orders and serve alcohol to patrons.

The Mandatory Alcohol Server Training offers a comprehensive overview on how to safely serve alcohol, how to prevent providing alcohol to minors as well as covering all the applicable rules and regulations to ensure the server and the establishment are functioning properly under Washington’s state law.

Our MAST course is also easy to complete online. The course offers 24/7 customer support to answer questions as they arise throughout the training. Students can take advantage of the course’s flexibility through logging in and out of the training course to complete the class at their convenience. The American Safety Council also offers a money-back guarantee.

What to Expect While Taking Our MAST Course

  • The Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training online course provides the knowledge and skills servers need to ensure the responsible distribution of alcohol. These skills include knowing how to prevent the service of alcohol to minors, enacting the rules and regulations of serving alcohol to prevent law violations and knowing the warning signs of public intoxication and how to prevent it.
  • The course is three-hours long and has six modules that cover:
    • An overview of the Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Program
    • Understanding the effects of alcohol on the body
    • Being able to identify minors and how to check IDs
    • Identifying an intoxicated person
    • How to prevent issues of liability both independently and within the establishment
    • Washington state alcohol laws
  • Once a server has successfully completed the MAST course, their name will automatically be reported into the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board as a Class 12 or 13 Permit holder, and their permit card will be mailed to them.

Our Washington Alcohol Training online course is especially beneficial because servers can rest assured knowing the training is state-approved and adheres to the latest policies and procedures of the state of Washington.

Sign up today to take the Washington State Class 12 Permit Online Course.

How do I know which MAST Permit I need?

The type of permit you have is determined by your age. If you are between 18 and 20 years old, you are eligible for a Class 13 Permit that allows you to take alcoholic beverage orders and serve them to patrons. A Class 12 Permit is for servers over 21 years of age, and allows them to do everything included in the Class 13 Permit, plus manage an establishment that serves alcohol, attend tastings and prepare alcoholic beverages.

When do I need to get a MAST Permit?

If you are working within an establishment that serves alcohol and are serving alcohol to patrons, then you must have a Class 12 or 13 Permit. Upon your hire date of the establishment, you have 60 days to obtain your permit. For alcohol tastings, you must present a Class 12 Permit. There is no grace period.

How long is the MAST Permit good for?

A MAST Permit is good for five years following the successful completion of a course. The permits expire the first day of the month after you took your test. For example, if you completed your test on January 12, 2018, your permit will expire February 1, 2023. You must take another MAST Permit training course after your permit expires to maintain your eligibility to serve alcohol.

How much does a MAST Permit cost?

The cost of a MAST permit varies, depending on the course you take or trainer you take the course through. Our online Mandatory Alcohol Server Training program is affordable and convenient, saving you time and money.

How long does a MAST program have to be in order to earn a permit?

The MAST training program must be a minimum of three hours with an exam in order to successfully obtain a permit by the WSLCB.

Are temporary permits available?

No, temporary permits are not available. However, you have 60 days to complete your MAST permit course after being hired at an establishment that serves alcohol. Once the course is completed, you will be automatically submitted to the WSLCB as a permit holder. American Safety Council will also send you a temporary certificate that can be downloaded after completing the course.

Can my permit be sent to me digitally?

No. You will be sent a hard copy of your permit through the United States Postal Service after you have completed your MAST program. If you have misplaced your permit, contact American Safety Council for a replacement.

Can I pay for my permit over the phone or online?

Your permit is included in the price of the American Safety Council MAST online course, which does allow for online payments. If you have lost your permit, the WSLCB does not allow online or over the phone payments.

Why is it required to provide my Social Security Number when taking a Mandatory Alcohol Server Training course?

Washington state law, RCW 26.23.150, requires the WSLCB to have a social security number on file for each permit holder in order to assist with child support enforcement. If you do not have a social security number due to your U.S. resident status, notify your course provider before you register for the course.

What happens if I work without a MAST permit?

If you are outside of the 60-day grace period to obtain a Washington State Class 12 Permit from your hire date, you are working against Washington state law. Violating the law can result in either a $500 fine or up to 90 days in prison or both. Your employer may also be susceptible to a monetary fine, a license suspension or both.


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