Identity Validation Biometrics Technology

Protect your information, validate identities and secure sensitive systems with convenient and accurate biometrics technology. Our iAM Biometrics solution utilizes a robust set of physiological parameters to analyze information gathered from users upon initial sample creation and compare authentication attempts to the unique pattern established. Each implementation is customized to provide accurate and reliable identity validation for your software, web site or business.

How It Works

  1. User provides voice or keystroke sample prior to being granted access
  2. User is queried at random or predetermined intervals to provide biometric voice samples
  3. Failure of biometric samples leads to user block or ineligibility

Key Benefits

  • Identity Validation - Verification for business, governmental or industry requirements
  • Security - Enhance website, user account, courseware or shared platform security
  • 2-Factor Authentication - Adds a second barrier to a robust verification process
  • Password Retrieval - Use for forgotten passwords as a secure method of identification


  • Free hosting on our secure servers
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Dashboard provides access to samples, participant data, user statistics, support tickets and more
  • Adjustable parameters for your unique requirements
  • Work with any browser or telephonic voice system (including landlines, cellular phones and VoIP service)
  • Pricing is customized to best fit your usage and budget

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