Arizona Defensive Driving

Approved by the Arizona Supreme Court

You may have received a traffic ticket. You may have been ordered by the judge. Your employer may have even made the request. Whatever the case may be, our defensive driving course will meet those needs. Along with it, you are eligible to even get your car insurance agency to deduct the payment costs from your policy.

Course Features

  • No classroom required
  • 100% online diversion and court ordered courses
  • We offer the lowest price. Absolutely.
  • 24/7, U.S. Based, toll-free support
  • Money back guarantee

Course Options

Arizona Online Defensive Driving

Your traffic ticket can get dismissed or any recent points that are on your driving record can be removed. Furthermore, you may avoid increases on your auto insurance premium. All of this can be done by completing our course which is 100% online and easy to learn. Get same-day certificate processing and have it rush-delivered if you need to.