Utah-Approved Alcohol Server Education
On-Premise Course


This 3-hour course is required for those who serve alcohol in restaurants, private clubs, bars or taverns. Employees must take this course within 30 days of employment.

What Does This Course Cover?

Throughout the Utah Alcohol Training and Education Seminar for On-Premise Course, you will be able to enhance safety in your workplace by becoming equipped with the knowledge and skills so that you can: identify problems and facts attributed to alcoholic beverages, learn how to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors, prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated persons, and prevent violations of alcohol laws and rules. The course covers key topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Factors Influencing Alcohol's Effects
  • Correctly Identifying if an Identification is Valid
  • Selecting Appropriate Intervention Techniques For Intoxicated Persons
  • Defining Blood Alcohol Concentration and List Factors of BAC in Individuals
  • Determining if a Sale is Legal or Illegal

Is There a Final Exam?

Yes. This On-Premise course contains a final exam of 20 questions. You must pass the final exam with at least a 70% in order to obtain your certificate of completion and training card, but have an unlimited number of attempts in which to do so!

Certificate and Training Card

A certificate of course completion and a training card is available for download once the course has been successfully completed. The training card is valid for three years.

On-Premise Off-Premise

Who Needs Alcohol Training?

Every individual in the state of Utah who sells or provides alcoholic beverages for consumption on premise in Utah must complete Alcohol Server Training. Sellers and servers of beer in off-premise establishments need to complete the off-premise training. All alcohol training must be completed within 30 days of employment. » More info

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