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Florida Online Mature Driver Course Details

If you're aged 55 or older and have a valid Florida driver's license, you have all of the tools necessary to reduce your car insurance premiums. No matter what provider you use for your car insurance, state law mandates they reduce your rates for a three-year period if you complete an approved online accident prevention course. The amount of that discount is generally from 3%-10%, but it will vary by company, so check yours to see exactly what your savings will be. With our state-approved course priced at just $14.95, you will more than make your money back through the savings.

How it Works

The course is six hours, but you can work at your own pace and take breaks whenever you like. It's fully online, so you don't need to go out of your way to a classroom. And we provide customer support 24/7 in case you have any problems. There's no need to wait for processing. As soon as you register, you can get started. Just follow the course material as it's presented to you, then take the lesson quizzes and exams. Once you successfully complete it all, we will issue a digital certificate of completion for you to submit to your insurance company. Your discount remains valid for three years, and you can retake the course to renew your discount.

Register ONLY

Getting your mandatory Insurance discount really is as easy as signing up and completing your course online. Though the exact discount will depend on your insurance company, it is usually not less than 3% and will last for three full years.

Why Does This Course Guarantee Me an Insurance Discount?

An insurance discount is required for any Florida driver over 55 who successfully completes a state-approved driver improvement course. Here's the statute with the requirement: Florida Statute 627.0652.

How Much Can I Save?

Check with your Insurance Company for your specific discount. Typical Discounts range from 3%–10%.